Welcome to your site. Below is a list of common tasks  to help you get started.

A good place to start off is to change your banner. Go through items one to five to get to grips with your new website.

Step 1: Change your logo and banner Step 3: Change content on your pages
Step 2: Change titles on your pages
Step 4: Change your menu items

Step 5: Get extra features like: Unique Domain Name/Transfer (Website Address), Track your visitors, Email Setup and Extra Pages. To do this go to Settings > Control Panel on your website top menu and leave a request. Remember you have to be logged in to do this. You can also do this later on.

 More things you can try
 Manage Audio
Manage Articles
 Manage Events
Manage Galleries or Home Page Flash Images
 Manage Members
Manage Videos
 Manage News
Email Setup

* Depending on your website package certain features may not be available.
**Terms and Conditions for service usage. Long but necessary.